South Delta

Lovely Ladner

A visit to Ladner is always a pleasure for me. Just through the tunnel and a quick 10 minutes away from my home in Richmond. I have frequented it more lately because of my new found love for swimming at the Ladner Leisure centre (also home to the Vancouver Giants Training Centre), located next to Delta City Hall, the police station, and Delta Hospital.

For those of you who know Richmond better, Ladner is similar to a large, old time Steveston Village. It is an old fishing village, quaint, pleasant, and full of friendly people. It is still true to its small town roots, where everyone knows each other, yet does have some newer strata complexes to be admired by the water.

Many friends of mine have enjoyed living in Ladner, with beautifully spacious detached homes where they have been able to grow their families. It is a wonderful place for children to grow up and make friends. There are many elementary schools just a simple walk away from most neigbourhoods, as well as Delta Secondary School, which is quite simple to get to from any part of town.

In the summer they are famous for the Ladner Village Market, which is held every other Sunday. It is a farmers market with fresh local produce, live music, lots of food, and small vendors selling homemade arts and crafts.

Ladner is easily accessed by other parts of Greater Vancouver by highway 99, Highway 17A, River Road and Ladner Trunk Road (which turns into highway 10 as you travel further and further to the east into North Delta, Surrey and beyond).

Sunny Tsawwassen!


Drive further south down Highway 17A, or reach it from Highway 17, and you will find Tsawwassen!

Almost completely surrounded by water, with beautiful getaway-like homes, Tsawwassen, shares a peninsula with Point Roberts (a tiny piece of Washington, USA, which really should belong to Canada!). It provides the only access to Point Roberts at the most south end of the peninsula, and Tsawwassen at the north end of the peninsula.

Tsawwassen is the most southwestern corner of Delta, BC, and is also the location of the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminals, allowing you to visit gorgeous Vancouver Island with ease.

The town is filled with calm residential streets and quiet trails, allowing its residents to explore the town easily on bicycles or on foot. A very popular area is the Boundary Bay Trail, which eventually will take you to Centennial Beach. A popular local beach for bird watching, and summer fun!

Tsawwassen, like Ladner, has a few elementary schools and one secondary school all of which are quite easily accessed from anywhere in town thanks to the main drag – 56th Avenue.

Together Ladner and Tsawwassen make up South Delta. Both are small towns with a modern twist, cool cafes, and central markets with everything anyone would need. South Delta is serviced by Translink and is a part of many major bus routes, making it easy for its residents to use public transportation, if needed, to travel out to Surrey, North Delta, Richmond, or Vancouver.

North Delta

north deltaNorth Delta, the newly coveted area for young families. North Delta is about a 25 – 30 minute drive away from Vancouver. It is beautiful and high up above the water.

Much like Richmond, North delta has several elementary and secondary schools (including the option for French immersion), as well as a plethora of parks – baseball, soccer, skate parks, you name it – perfect for a growing family.

There is never a dull moment for children in North Delta, they can pick any sport they would like to join – and North Delta will likely have a program.

Feeling adventurous? Take the dog for a walk, or grab your bike and head over to the watershed, where there are tons of trails for all levels of activity – beginner hiker to advanced cyclists.


FullSizeRenderMy beloved Richmond, also known as Lulu Island, will always have a place in my heart. Richmond is about a 10 minute drive away from Vancouver, and is full of new developments.

Townhomes and state of the art apartment buildings close to the Canada Line Skytrain, make it easy to get downtown in a flash.

There are many new, large, open concept houses on big lots as well. Many have taken up property in Richmond as an investment, while others have been able to get in and make a cozy home for themselves.

There are several schools of all levels in Richmond, including French immersion as well. Wherever you decide to reside in Richmond, there is always a school to attend nearby.

Amongst some of the regular sports leagues that you would expect (Baseball, Soccer, Hockey), there are also facilities for Tennis, Badminton, Rock climbing and more!

In the summer time, Richmond has become known for its summer night markets. It is so popular; there are now two of them! Its attendees mainly go there for the amazing food prepared by its vendors, the majority of which are Asian.

Whether you’re investing in real estate, or wanting to make a home, Richmond is a fantastic area to start your search.

Beautiful Vancouver

Vancouver! The hot topic of the Real Estate world! There are many who are scared of this market, angry with it, sad about it, longing for it etc etc and I am here to tell you it IS possible to live your dream. There are gems in Vancouver, BC, and with the right REALTOR you can find your dream home.

Vancity is a place that is spunky, laid-back, busy, beautiful, bustling, fun, exciting, and relaxing all rolled into one. It is my favourite place on earth, and I can’t imagine living far from this wonderful city.

There is so much to do in Vancouver, and there is a place for everyone. You can be an active hiker, biker, walker, runner, or exerciser in general, and Vancouver will have an amazing outdoor piece of bliss for you. You can also be a foody or a beer connoisseur and our fantastically diverse city will be able to serve your taste buds.

The opportunity is amazing in Vancouver, from jobs, to small business, to REAL ESTATE! Here is where you want to invest! Live in Vancouver and reap the benefits of living in one of the most amazing places on earth and growing your equity while you’re at it.

Want a fun day out? In early spring you can go skiing in the morning on the mountains, and come down to play a round of golf in the sunshine. There aren’t many places in the world you can do that.